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Thursday, March 18, 2010

In case anyone is wondering whether or not this is the sock blog - yes, it is - I just got a little carried away with my knitting. I just heard of the impending arrival of friends Tyson & Kristy Hough’s first baby in August, so I’m going to be cheating on my sock count by making some of those socks in infant sizes. That’s one way to catch up! Also, one long car trip produces several pairs. There’s a long one this summer to the Motis reunion in the north woods of Minnesota. I’m really interested in branching out in my knitting so the next pair of grown-up socks I make will be lace. I still stand firm in my pledge: Fifty-two pairs in 2010.
I realize I might have made some sort of promise that I would use up all of my yarn before buying more, but I sort of forgot. I went to Mary Maxim yesterday and found Young Touch dk Egyptian cotton on sale for $2.99 a 50gm ball. I bought twenty-four balls in three beautiful colors. Was that wrong?
Completed my ‘beach sweater’ out of Cottontots and I have worn it enough to have thrown it in the wash already. We’ll see what happens to it! I have completed a pair of “corncob” slippers for my little friend Heidi Vosseler. They’re from a great old pattern book by Beehive yarn “Bazaar Novelties and Gifts”. If you’re interested in a quintessential toilet paper-roll cover, this is the book for you. They do have several cute tea-cosy patterns and some unique dog sweaters and other bizarre novelties. I’ll post photos as soon as Roger gets back with the camera…..
Til then, have a wonderful day. The warm weather is holding out so poor li’l paint pony gets his bath today!

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