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Saturday, June 26, 2010

It's opening day! and an update...

It's the opening day of bass season here in Long Point and the marina across the canal was in full buzz as soon as the Posts flipped on the first light. A big shout-out to the early-bird fishermen who kept the noise to a minimum!

We got here last night and had a lovely evening together. Milo loves the cottage!

Roger took off early this am with our neighbor. I wonder how that's going - our dear neighbor is a "filet & release" man while Roger hardly keeps anything. ETA: They got 5 bass, 6 perch, and put everything back!

I hit my favorite amish vegetable stand the other day - the first time this year. I was not disappointed! I gave up growing peas after I found out I could buy 10x the peas I could grow. The big haul is pictured above.

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