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Sunday, February 27, 2011

I hope you're having a better Sunday than I am - weatherwise, that is! There's still plenty of that white stuff around.
I was tidying up my craft space and decided to tell you about my ugly, albeit highly serviceable, circular needle storage.
I made it from a fabric belt that came, ages ago, with a pair of capris. You can use any kind of fabric strip, ready-made or otherwise. On the blog that this came from originally(I wish I remembered this crafter. Just a note to say, I 'borrowed' her idea.) the crafter used old neck ties. Belts are always a great idea because you can use the buckle as a sort of ornamental hanger.
Double your belt (or whatever!) and make a horizontal seam across the top to hold it together. Continue making horizontal seams down the fabric, about an inch and a half apart. These will be the little fabric slots to hold your circulars. You can write the size number on the front with a fabric pen or laundry marker. Hang them on the wall and get those babies sorted!
Naturally I'd love a perfectly crafted, embroidered needle holder, but this does the job more than adequately for the time being!
Did you know how to straighten curly circulars? Just pour hot water down the cable and they straighten right out. Bamboo needles might be trickier - the water could cause them to swell. For those I used a hair dryer set on "high".
PS - I got my baby hats in on time!
Have a good week.

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