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Friday, February 4, 2011

Welcome to all of my TWO PEAS Caps for Good knitters!

I was so excited to see your hometowns on my Feedjit. Thanks for reading. If you find something here worthwhile, I'm happy!
This is how we shoveled snow after the deluge on Wednesday. And by "we", I mean our neighbor, John.
I just got two new software programs, Corel Paint and Photo and Printmaster Platinum. I'm going to attempt a little digital design: this is a birthday card I made for my friend Debbie, who is an Anglophile like me:
It's going to be a hand-made birthday for Debbie. I made her a pair of socks!
She thinks she hates homemade socks! I knit these from elastic and cotton sock yarn from Paton's. I don't think I've ever posted my sock pattern before; I'll look it up and post it here for you toot sweet. I'm using the one from Knity 2006. I practically know it by heart! It's all done in one piece on two circulars - a great technique you can use for any circular project in lieu of DPNs.
See you in the Pod.
Love, Rosie


  1. What great socks! You are talented! (I tried a scarf...twice...and gave up!) Cute card too! Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. I LOVE MY SOCKS!!! But don't tell my mother-in-law!
    Thank you Rosie!!!