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Friday, March 4, 2011

A New Technique

I got the pattern for  this great ruffled edge from the Bernat website. You will need to concentrate at first to get the pattern down pat, but after a while it becomes second-nature. I think I started this about four times before I was happy with it - don't be afraid to frog and start over again if your first results are ....unfortunate.

I'm also going to address a couple of errors commonly made by new knitters.
Are you plagued by extra stitches that mysteriously appeared on your needle??  If it that has happened to you, it's because the yarn is hanging on the wrong side of the needle as you begin a new row. The loop from the previous row that the first stitch  is knitted into looks like two stitches, and each row increases by one stitch as the item is knitted into indescribable proportions. It's at this time that the knitting chaff is separated from the wheat: you either get frustrated and quit, or you get frustrated and seek help! Take heart - go to this website: Lionbrand

The next mistake made by new knitters is dropping stitches. For some reason, I've been dropping stitches a lot lately and I'm perfecting my stitch-retrieval technique. I found this video on YouTube and it has some new tips. The video quality is excellent.
Happy Knitting!

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