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Thursday, May 26, 2011

If you're reading this, you're probably Debbie

No matter. Some day, I will come to this blog and my stats will be sky high and the buzz will be this fantastic blog - you've gotta read it! And what once was an outlet for me will be my raison d'etre, and I will fill it with exquisitely focused and edited photos of myself wearing the latest Etsy gee-gaw that I'm hawking for sponsors.
Soon to come: my sock pattern. I have used the fantastic pattern from Knitty that I've linked in earlier entries, and I have adapted it over time. It's easy, trust me.
How did I get Lillie to wear her hat? So many of you have asked me that. (*Snort*).
She's a real ho when it comes to brushing, so I incorporated brushing into her preliminary sessions with the cat hat. Each time I introduced The Hat, it was with her favorite brush. By the time I photographed her, I had spent several days brushing her with The Hat on her head. By the time I photographed her, she would tolerate The Hat long enough for me to get some good shots. Hope this helps with your future photographs on animals in garments.
Thanks for reading.
You're welcome!

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  1. Yes, Debbie reads it! I LOOOOOOVE your blog Rosie!!!!