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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Who Gets Socks? And a giveaway!

I'm starting my Christmas knitting. Socks are on the list - but I have to figure out who gets socks. Not everyone deserves them - and yes, I am the god of judgment in these matters.
First off - this lady does not get them: Paula's stepmom, Gail (oh, hush - she'll never read this! Hardly anyone does.)
I was knitting a pair of socks in a luscious aubergine bamboo-blend when I was in Crystal River last fall. Gail and Paula's dad came over, and they started to admire the socks. I was touched, so I offered the finished pair to Gail. Her nose immediately screwed up and she said, "Oh, I just don't know what in the world I'd wear them with!"
Paula's dad spoke up. "Make her a pair in black," he growled. "And long enough for her motorcycle boots."
I cheerfully assured them that the very next pair I made that was black would be hers. Mentally I was checking her off - for life - of the sock list. Everyone who knows me hooted with laughter at this - I mean, really - who makes black socks?
Which brings me to who might deserve them. Our little family doctor, Binh, would be the only person I would make a pair of black socks for - and yes, he is on the list. He's compassionate and dedicated, and knows no time clock, bless his heart. He definitely deserves a pair of nice socks for his early-morning rounds in the hospital.
Roger also deserves a pair. He's my number-one sock fan. He takes off his shoes and makes everyone admire the socks I made for him! On fishing days, he will turn the house upside down if he can't find his "fishing socks": god-awful ugly striped socks I made early in my sock-knitting career that he loves to wear in his  boots.
My mom. She thinks everything I do is wonderful. I might even try some lace socks for her this year.
My sister - a sock fan period. If it can fit on her foot - she loves it.
Susan might get another pair - she sure was happy with the last ones. And Debbie - although she has to hide them from her mother-in-law, who is an enthusiastic knitter of socks herself, but her socks are of the "knitted worsted tube" variety
All little babies I know - those little socks are a cinch to knit up.
As for who else gets a pair - it could be you! Please leave a comment and I will enter your name in a draw for a pair of socks. (Sorry - no black ones) I'll make up a pair for you and get them in the mail ASAP.
Thanks for reading.

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