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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The last of summer........

Where does it all go?
One moment I'm coaxing seedlings into flourishing in pots and garden. The next minute I'm hauling their spent bodies from the soil and tossing the dry, brittle twigs into the fire.
A busy summer goes by in a flash, but on retrospection, it was filled to bursting with activities, trips and experiences.
I hate to see summer end with such abruptness as it does here. I'm not one to jibber-jabber and wax nostalgic for the glories of fall. A Florida girl at heart (the kind that gets the hell out of dodge in the summertime), I'd prefer this warm sunny weather right up until Christmas - where it may then snow briefly strictly for effect before it warms right up again. By the time Halloween gets here, however, cold autumn wind and rain will have leadened the skies and whipped leaves from branches.
In Florida, these early hollyberries would be a sign of a cold, early winter. WE'll see what the implication is here. Off to consult my farmer's almanac.
I want to include a craft here - a very easy Christmas card. I was inspired by the summer 2011 issue of Paper Crafts magazine. It's a wonderful card to use up some scraps you have, especially double-sided patterned paper.
This card is adaptable to whatever colours, sizes and/or themes you wish! The following instructions are for the card pictured.:
1. prepare card base: decide on format and score fold.
2. from several styles of double sided patterned paper, punch 4   circles and 12  squares. (I used 1.5 inch circles and 1 3/8 squares.)
3. Cut a piece from pp that keasures  4 x 1.5 inches. Arrange circles in overlapping pattern, adhering half of the circle on the piece of pp. Set aside.
4. Cut 4.5 x 5 in. piece of patterned paper, chalk or ink edges. Stamp sentiment. 
5. Fold squares into cones and adhere in a circle on pp as shown. Finish off with a button and twine bow.
Thanks for reading, and thanks to the original designer of this fun card. If you know her, please let me know. I'll research my back issues of PC in the meantime.

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