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Monday, October 3, 2011

Banner Mania

I have so many things to do around the house that I have restricted myself from spending money until the jobs are completed. I'm finding lots of supplies on hand here at home, and finding uses for my excessive paper stash. Banners are a super way to use up extra paper, and the less they match, the cuter they look!
Making banners is easy - in theory.
Decide how many flags you want you banner to have. I make the main flags 6 in. wide at the top and six inches long form the center point of the top. Mount on cardsstock in colors coordinating with your chosen theme.
Embellish and connect flags by sewing or stapling to a ribbon or length of twill tape.
 I love adding the paper rosettes - it's my current thing right now. If I can't offer you expert instructions for making these, allow me to give you what I know and offer a little encouragement. (There's always plenty of that!)

My rosettes are 3 in. across. If you want to change that size - let me know how it goes!
1. Cut 1.5 in wide strips from a 12x12 piece of  patterned paper. The weight is good for folding.
2. Using a scoring tool (I have the MS one - I love it. Grab one during a coupon event at Michael's.), score strips every 1/4 in. Don't press too hard with your scoring tool, or "folding boner", as my niece Alicia used to say when she was little.
3. Starting at one end of the strip, start folding alternately in and out on the scored lines. You'll need three hands for this one - just keep practicing! It helps to do this on a flat surface.
Once you have the strip all folded, gently fan the strip around so that the ends meet. I'm thinking a hemostat would be of great help here, to hold the edges together until you can glue them. I currently apply a large glue dot to the center to keep things from unraveling. (You may need a couple. I'm still working on this one.)
4. I apply the rosette to a slightly smaller  paper bases to stabilize it. I adhere he center of my rosette at this time, to stablize the front.
I'm currently working on a Halloween banner - you'll be the first to see it here!
Thanks for reading. Pea friends, please check in!


  1. That banner is great! Love the rosettes!

  2. Thanks! I love your blog - I appreciate the hit!

  3. Super banner, and you've got some fabulous tips here on this post!