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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The (Briefly) Tidy Craft Room

I couldn't help myself. As predicted, I stopped in the middle of cleaning to make something.
Then I went back to cleaning, and for a brief shining moment, my room looked like this:

And now it's back to this:
This is what I interrupted my frenzy to make. The memo board is so easy and quick to make! I've seen a lot of stuff on Pinterest using scrapbook paper, and this is my take on one of them.
 Did you know that you can find 12x12 scrapbook frames at the dollar store? I spray painted mine white - and let me say here that you get what you pay for. The original paint on the frame bleeds through. (I know it's shocking to hear about an item from the dollar store. )My frame turned it the palest shade of cotton candy, so that was okay. But do note if you prefer the plainest white. 
All you do is adhere a sheet of sb paper to the backing. I swear by Elmer's Aerosol Craft Bond. It's messy as hell but just use WD-40 to get it off of your fingers. If you use a box for misting, you can rig up the same sort of deal if you use the enormous can of Craft Bond like I do. I bought the cans recently for a large project and I haven't made a dent in either one. Talk about cheap glue! Anyway, I've used Craft Bond for the covers of my mini books and also for the cover of a counterfeit SMASH book that I made recently. I've also used it for decoupage and decorating with paper. It looks like a laminate, it's so smooth. No, I'm not sponsored by them (I wish.) but I do like their glue!

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  1. A fun desk is just as good as a clean one in my opinion! :-) Love your memo board!