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Friday, October 7, 2011

Go to My Pretend Friend Amber's Crappy Pictures Website

I love my pretend friend, Amber. She writes and draws an adorable blog called "Parenting with Crappy Pictures" and it probably is the best mommy blog around. Her work is more gently sarcastic, and she expecially takes aim at the Mamarazzi by drawing incredible engaging stick figures in place of highly-edited, dreamily posed fauxtographs. I am not a mommy, but I read some of them now and then to see what's new and exciting and check out the cutting-edge writing, as in my other pretend friends' blogs, Mrs.ODie2 and The 24 Year Age Gap.
Amber`s messsage is serious, but I do love her drawings. How does she make them so simply but with so much expressionÉ Huh. Must be talent, I guess!
I`m bring this entry to your attention because it`s October and Breat Cancer Awareness Month. Go feel yourself up!

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