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Monday, October 24, 2011

Why You Need a DROP Basket in Your Craft Room!

I would never post a picture of my untidy craft room, mainly because somewhere in Cyberland, there's is a doppelganger of me who is ready to pounce with the snarky comment: "How do you let things get that out of hand in the first place?"
So in the proper vein of the typical famous mommyblogger (though I am not a mommy, blogger or otherwise), I will wail plaintively that NO, MY LIFE ISN'T PERFECT AT ALLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!! Then post a picture of my perfect room.
Anyway, back to the drop basket. It is essential to the major craft room overhaul.
What a drop system does is allow you to clean up your work surface by just dropping items in a central container, to be sorted into their proper places later. The importance of this item is that it gives you a little encouragement while you're tidying up. You can see your results much faster, and it is much less frustrating. Without a drop system, I would have long ago given up on something like this:
or this:
The drop system allows you to drop an item in and have it out of the way, thus giving you a little gratification as you work.
I have four drop baskets: one for paper and large flat items, one for small items, one for my stamps (all used stamps and blocks go in for cleaning and resorting), and one for bulky items like spools of ribbon, punches, etc.
Try implementing your own drop system: it's even more fun when you make a project of your drop baskets. For the one pictured above, all I did was spray paint the basket white and then stamped the liner.
So I'm off to tidy - I only hope crafter's ADHD doesn't hit me in the middle of my work!
Happy crafting.

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