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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

How You Get the Birthday Cake You Want

This is a bit late, but I felt I had to post anyway. I recently celebrated a birthday. I decided I just wanted a quiet dinner with a good bottle of champagne - no hoopla, no hand-clapping restaurant chanting. One thing about me - birthday cakes are very, very important. I'm picky - I have a vision in my mind of what my birthday cake should look like, and I'm always pleased when someone gives me any kind of cake - but I secretly want one that looks like this:
I made it  -and I agree: I really should take a Wilton class if I'm planning on inflicting further cakes on the population.
Hope your Halloween was super-scary and fun - ours was very quiet and we were forced to consume all of the candy ourselves.


  1. Seriously, this sounds JUST like me!!!!

    Way to go!

    Oh, and how did you get the GREEN behind your blog wording? I have not figured that one out yet ;) New feature maybe? Your blog looks pretty ;)