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Friday, February 17, 2012


I've never written about him before, but he's my buddy and he's awesome.
I had been riding Canaletto, a gorgeous, temperamental and big horse, for five years. Numerous falls and several horse-show disasters had left me scrounging around for one last shred of riding nerve. I was desperate to keep riding, but so afraid.

After several sessions with an equestrian sports psychologist (Janet Edgette), I was ready to face the hard truth: if I wanted to ride again, I needed a new horse.
Then Bob came into my life. He had been purchased at auction a year or so earlier and was languishing in the barn. I was invited to ride him; I remember that I was so nervous that I asked to be lead around! But the match-making proved successful and I started the next stage of my riding life. To make the fresh start complete, I moved from the barn where I had been riding for eight years, to a more clubby, chummier barn only a few minutes away from my house.
Bob was what's termed "soft and forward". That means that he moves lightly and obediently. He's wonderful in the barn - when I work around him I always know he's aware of where I am.
He enjoys attention and loves to greet visitors and friends in the barn. He actually prefers his stall over being outside: I think it may have something to do with that black-and-white coat: The Best of Both Worlds as Jenn Irwin put it! When we moved in I told Linda what a "hothouse flower" he is, and she didn't believe me at the time. He's also been known for his talent of getting out of his stall and letting his friends out as well. One morning he and his two paddock-mates were standing in the middle of the aisle. They had escaped and apparently had nothing to do once the job was done!
 We've been able to compete a lot - not at the week-long, uber-expensive recognized shows, but just anywhere with good footing and 2'6 fences. Bob has proven himself to  be extra-fun at shows. I rarely come home without at least one ribbon!
(The fifth, seventh and eighth photo are courtesy of Ian Woodley.)


  1. beside ladybugs i do love horse and i must say that a very pretty hourse.. love the pictures....