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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Masks So Far

FYI - this is a really fun project! It's a little messy, though. (But I will spare you the "Oh, I'm so messy and unorganized and adorable."  photo.)
I'll only make you look at  photos of some of the masks I've finished painting. Embellishment has yet to happen, but I'll keep you posted. I painted each mask on both sides with Modpodge prior to painting. Using a coarse emery board, I sanded the edges and some flaws to smooth them out. For a super-glossy effect on the painted surface, I used 3D Paper Lacquer. Only please - when you use that stuff, apply sparingly as it has a tendency to "expand".
If you need inspiration, just Google "Venetian masks" in Google Images and you'll hit paydirt.

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