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Monday, February 27, 2012

My Erin Condren-style Gift Enclosures

I recently learned about Erin Condren– an innovative designer of personalized stationery and paper items. She is most well-known for designing  a fantastic planner for those of us who are very busy – or not, as in my case. Her designs are colorful and I love seeing my name  all over the place!
I have blatantly lifted her design for some gift enclosures.
I used an old graphics program - Printmaster Gold, and opened up a new project in the “labels” section. I chose the Avery kid’s business card template because the business cards I was using came eight, as opposed to the usual ten, per sheet.
On the front of the card I simply added a shape – the rectangle with the rounded corners, and changed the color to shocking pink, and fitted it to the area of the card. Then I opened a new text-title for the “enjoy!” and changed the font color to ‘white’. Center everything on your page.
On the back, I added a text box for the ‘something for you from” and used the segoe light font in a custom color.
I added a line and changed the color to cocoa-brown, then added my name in the colors I used on the enclosure. For the circle graphic, I simply added a circle shape with a hairline border and arranged my solid-color shapes on the line as a guide, then deleted the circle. For the border, add a rounded rectangle, choose “no fill color” and then the color of your choice for the border color.
I hope you have some fun with this!

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