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Friday, March 2, 2012

Is it True? Could it be.....?

The Daffodils are appearing already. Spring, as promised, is on its way.
Our visit to the residence (I'm not sure of my confidentiality constraints here, so I'm being vague) was rewarding and fun. Most of our friends were enjoying a "Tropical Fruit Tasting" in the activity room so Milo and I wandered around a little before making our way back to  catch any we hadn't spoken to yet. Milo was quite bewildered as some of his "regulars" were at the activity and not in their rooms. He refused to go past the room of Verna- a dear new friend of his - and I was forced to scoop him up and move him on.
I'm very impressed by the facility and the dignity with which the residents are treated. Having Milo there makes everyone laugh and smile, and not just the residents. I think he picks up the spirits of the staff and visitors, too!

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