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Monday, March 26, 2012

Milk bottle crazy!

This is a really lame post - I haven't done anything creative to show you (just a big unfinished sweater I'm toiling over) so I thought I'd share a great find with you.
Like the milk bottles? I thought that combing every antique shop would be fun, but on the other hand, too labor intensive- so I decided to do a little research on the web.
What I discovered is that there are resources online for these lovely little half-pint bottles. Unfortunately, most are dairy supply so if you need 150 of them, you're all set. If you'd like to order less, the pickings are a little slimmer, but they do exist.
I think I hit pay dirt when I discovered Shop Sweet Lulu. (Not sponsored. Like that will ever happen....)I got a set of six half-pint milk bottles for $20 plus shipping. They're good thick glass so the price of shipping is "Yikes!" . It's still cheaper than combing the countryside!


  1. LOVE it!! I'm sure it brightens your room and your day!!! Have a great one :)

  2. So sweet! My daffodils just opened up today! Have a great week. :-)

  3. I have to disagree this is not a lame post. I like your milk bottles all in a row, with pretty spring flowers in them.
    Did you grow the flowers or purchase them.

    1. Yes - they are form my garden. I went out and gave them all "haircuts"! Thanks for visiting & commenting!