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Monday, March 5, 2012

My Jamaican Word Processor

On the list of "Rosie's Favorite Things"(they're so much better than Oprah's) are fountain pens. Most of mine are the plastic school-kid variety that you can only find in shops in Europe or through extensive internet searches. I have one or two fine pens - both Lamy's over $50, although I do have one of their school varieties in plastic that I got in a pen store in Manchester, just off the high street heading to he train station.
The pen in the photo is also an acquisition from Manchester. I got this cool screaming-pink pen at WH Smith that was $15US. It's got a great nib, and although it's really hard to get the teeny-weeny cartridges in, it writes very smoothly and doesn't even feather in a Moleskin - the notebook I'm using in the photo.
I wrote a bunch in Jamaica -  sitting under the tiki hut with a cool drink and all Jamaica has to offer (like ackee rice salt fish is nice), especially the sun, the salt air, the gentle breezes and the musical patois of the Jamaicans. I actually completed the outline of my middle-grades book, and got tremendous inspiration for the next book in the series. (I'll give you three guesses where he story will be set.....)
Have a happy week. Thanks for reading.


  1. I love a good fountain pen! That one looks GREAT!

  2. Your penmanship is as beautiful as your writing!