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Monday, September 10, 2012

I hate the end of summer! The season goes by so quickly - and in a few weeks it will be autumn. The shadows are changing, the cottages are abandoned.
That's the one good thing about fall, other than the promise of another spring around the corner (by way of Father Winter) - it's a great time for a fresh start! I guess that's the old teacher in me, the excitement of making plans and announcing that "This year........!" Each September was a new page to fill.
I've been guilty of approach-avoidance when it comes to this blog. I've used a lot of excuses not to write: I was sad about Lillie, I was knitting, etc. I'd like to see this blog go in another direction - I'd like to learn more about HTML and I'd like a good camera! I've also got plans to make pages - just like the "real" bloggers do!

I've also been hitting the elliptical trainer, after seeing this picture of me. Poor Bob - carting around Fatty Mc Fatterson!

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