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Monday, February 11, 2013


It's February.
Yay! Like I always say, the beauty of winter is the promise of spring. Have you ever read any of the "Miss Read" books?  There's a line I love in the very beginning of Gossip from Thrush Green. I couldn't find the exact words so I'll paraphrase. The character says what's nice about February is that we can take walks after tea. I'll be looking forward to longer days myself!
I've been busy with two new projects:  my new membership in TGKA - The Knitting Guild of America, and stashbusting.

This is the first project to come off the needles: socks for my sister, Noel - a most enthusiastic recipient of socks, hand knitted or otherwise.
 I simply have to use the yarn I have, but I probably will go down to The Wise Owl in Ingersoll and make an apology purchase. I haven't been in that shop for ages1 Mala most likely thinks me dead.
I'm also going to knit a few projects for Tabby's Boutique in St. Thomas. Of course, I'll include the famous "hat for a cat".

Some scenes to leave you dreaming of spring.

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