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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

As promised - Japanese knitting links

In my search for a new project to knit - a nice vest - I came across a pattern from
Pierrot Yarns in Japan. They have a pattern club - they're fabulous and they're free (the other two of my three favorite "F" words).
I've recently discovered something about my  knitting self: I like charts better than text when it comes to knitting instructions. If you're at least an intermediate-level knitter, you'll do just fine with these patterns. They're very clear and very exact. Don't shy away from it because it looks intimidating at first. I promise you - just spend five minutes with it and you'll be able to decipher the instructions perfectly. A world of unique stitch patterns awaits you!
This wonderful blogger has presented the basics in a very well-organized way and takes you by the hand for a tour of a Japanese knitting patterns.
Some other links I've discovered:
reading Japanese charts
Try it - it's easier than you think. Thanks for reading.

(Photo from the Pierrot Yarns website)

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